US Anesthesia Partners

Tyler Sedation is a division of US Anesthesia Partners (USAP). We are a multi specialty anesthesiology group with board certified physicians specializing in virtually all areas of anesthesiology, including cardiovascular, pediatric and neuroanesthesia. We have over a decade of experience performing anesthesia as an organized group in operating rooms in Tyler TX. By using very similar anesthetics and sophisticated state-of-the-art monitoring in your physician/dentist office, we make it possible for children and adults alike to have even the most extensive procedures performed in total comfort.

Safety is the top priority in our practice. We are there to deliver the entire anesthetic from start to finish. While you are under our care, we monitor the EKG (heart), blood pressure, oxygen saturation, breathing parameters and control exactly the amount of anesthetic delivered.

Our Doctors:

  • Chris Jones, MD
  • Tim Twaddell, MD
  • Joe Gonzales, MD
  • Shawn Thomas, MD
  • Greg Anderson, MD
  • Christi Caldwell, MD